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NEWSHA Love#VolumeHair - Set

Your all-round carefree package for guaranteed voluminous hair.

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Discover the ultimate NEWSHA volume boost! With this set we have created the perfect care routine to conjure up a voluminous mane from thin and fine hair. Our volume favorites guarantee you not only voluminous hair, but also perfect care and repair. The set contains:

HIGH CLASS Gorgeous Volume Shampoo 250 ml
The extracts of purple saffron stimulate the cell communication of the hair follicles, causing them to straighten up and visibly increase their volume. Moreover, thanks to the moisturizing properties of saffron, the hair gains elasticity and resilience.

HIGH CLASS Excellent Volume Masque 150 ml
A real superfood for the hair! Thanks to the power of cassava root, Excellent Volume Masque gives you an extra portion of volume and prepares it perfectly for the subsequent volume styling.

HIGH CLASS Supreme Thickening Spray 125 ml
Thanks to the exquisite extracts of the tropical orchid, our Supreme Thickening Spray is particularly nourishing and restorative. Fine and thin hair gains significantly in strength, elasticity and density.

Heat Protection Blowout Spray 200 ml
The effective heat protection up to 230 °C with anti-frizz effect. The Heat Protecting Spray reliably shields your hair from humidity, frizz and heat during blow-drying thanks to the rich grape seed extracts.

Massage a hazelnut-sized amount of Gorgeous Volume Shampoo into your hair from roots to ends, emulsify with water and rinse thoroughly.

Now apply a walnut-sized amount of Excellent Volume Masque. Allow the mask to work for 5-10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Before blow-drying, spray Supreme Thickening Spray first and then Heat Protection Blowout Spray into towel-dried hair and use a brush to distribute it all the way to the ends. Then blow dry your hair with a round brush.

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