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NEWSHA #LoveHoliday - Set

Your all-round carefree package for perfect hair care on vacation or on the road.

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Your set for the perfect hair care on the road

So that you can continue to care for your hair in the best possible way on vacation and on the road, we have put together the perfect #loveholiday hair care package for you. Our little favorites are not only perfectly adjusted to the care needs of stressed hair, but they also come in a handy 80 ml format. Ideal for light luggage. The set contains:

Color Protect Shampoo 80ml
The Color Protect Shampoo is our insider tip for all trips to sunny areas. It not only protects colored hair from fading, but also has a special essential UV protection that protects the hair from drying out even under high sun exposure.

Deep Cleansing Shampoo 80ml
Especially on vacation, hair is often under particular strain and is more exposed to external influences. Therefore, regular and gentle deep cleansing is all the more important. In addition, the grape seed extracts contained have a refreshing and moisturizing effect on the scalp.

High Performance Leave-In Conditioner 80ml
The effective Leave-In spray conditioner provides hair build-up, counteracts frizz, provides suppleness and gives luxurious shine. The Marula fruit extracts strengthen the hair without weighing it down.

Tenderly Shower Gel & Hair Wrap 
To complete the #loveholiday - Set, you will also get our especially hydrating care foam, as well as the cuddly soft and absorbent microfiber hair wrap in turban style.

The Color Protect Shampoo and the Deep Cleansing Shampoo are best used alternately. Massage a hazelnut-sized amount into your hair, emulsify it and then rinse thoroughly.

Spray the Leave-In Conditioner from a distance of approx. 20 cm on the washed towel-dried hair and comb it well. The Leave-In remains in the hair and is not rinsed out again.

Sun, wind and sea water can stress the hair in a special way during vacation. The #LoveHoliday - Set contains all important essentials in a comfortable travelsize, so that you don't have to do without your favorite products on the way.

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