NEWSHA Deluxe Round Brush

Roundbrush with ion technology and soft touch handle - protects hair - for a voluminous blow-dry result

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The NEWSHA DELUXE ROUND BRUSH with a unique hourglass shape has an exclusive ceramic coating and ion technology. The hourglass-shaped brush surface enables precise and effective styling for every head shape

Carefully squeeze the excess moisture out of the hair strands and apply a leave-in conditioner. Then carefully detangle the hair with your fingers or the NEWSHA FLEXIBLE VENT BRUSH. Blow dry your hair 80%. For the perfect blow-dry result, divide the hair into different sections and start with the lower part. Build up a lot of tension to blow-dry the hair straight from the roots. If a voluminous finish is desired, do not apply too much pressure on hair.

Thanks to the ergonomic curve, a wider contact is established between the bristles and hair, which favors efficient styling and is particularly helpful in building up volume at the hairline. The exclusive ceramic coating ensures that the heat from the hairdryer is evenly distributed over the brush head and the hair is gently dried, while the ion technology prevents the hair from becoming statically charged. The result: protection of the hair structure during styling, brilliant shine and an unmistakable smoothness.

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