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Hair Waxes & Gels



Shape your hairstyle while maintaining the natural flexibility of your hair with hair waxes and hair gels from NEWSHA

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    Flexible Control Hairspray
    Medium, flexible hold | Silky sheen
    No gluing
    As low as €21.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Red Carpet Hairspray
    Ultra-strong hold | Radiant shine
    No gluing
    As low as €21.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Gentle Structure Wax
    Light/medium hold | Without complaining
    For all hair types
    As low as €22.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Strong Molding Wax
    Strong hold | Semi-matte texture
    Carnauba extracts
    As low as €22.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Total Control Gel
    Strong hold | Medium gloss
    Argan oil
    As low as €19.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Lifting Paste
    Styling paste | Matte look
    Hazelnut oil
    As low as €21.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Hair Perfume
    Elegant scent of tonka & vanilla
    10 ml
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping
    (€95.00 / 100 ml)
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Buy professional hair wax online at NEWSHA

Matt or glossy: hair wax is known for its matt and especially natural look. However, there are also variants that give your hair a shiny finish. So no matter what look you want - with hair wax everything is possible.

Hair wax: Regardless of whether you carefully style your hair backwards, add wild highlights or highlight your curls - you can use hair wax to shape your hairstyle. Choose the Flexible Structure Wax for a flexible hold or the Strong Molding Wax for a strong hold. Besides the big one.

Hair gel for extra strong hold

Regardless of whether it is an extravagant short hair style or an accurate braid hairstyle - hair gel ensures an extra strong hold of your favorite look. You just want to tame a few stubborn strands? Annoying  strands of hair from sleeping can be tamed with hair gel. At NEWSHA you will find exactly the right product for your needs.

What is so special about hair gel?

First liquid - then solid: hair gel is a classic hairstyle setting based on water or water-alcohol. If you apply the liquid gel to the hair, it wraps around the individual hair like a layer and begins to dry within a few seconds. Once hardened, your hair remains in shape - no wind and no movement can harm your style. In this way, individual hairstyles can be staged for a long time.

Styled in no time: this is how you apply hair gel

If you want to work all of your hair with hair gel, rub the product between your palms. Then start shaping strand by strand. For mohawks, spikes or other hairstyles contrary to the natural direction of growth, keep the corresponding areas in the desired shape a little longer. This is the only way the gel can harden and create the desired result.

Tip: Do you only want to set individual accents or tame flying hairs? In this case, apply a little hair gel to the fingertips and selectively work on the desired areas.

Perfect styling with the Total Control Gel.

Buy hair wax for flexible hairstyles

Hair wax - you want a sleek look that lasts all day? With hair wax from NEWSHA  you can shape your hairstyle while maintaining the natural flexibility of your hair: surrounded by the waxy texture, your style remains formable all day and has an almost invisible hold. Regardless of whether you have thin, thick or normal hair, the styling product is suitable for every hair type.

What distinguishes hair wax?

First firmer, then buttery soft: hair wax initially comes in a firmer consistency. However, if it is warmed to body temperature, it turns into a malleable cream. Applied to the hair, it gently wraps itself around each individual hair and then gains strength again. This creates a flexible connection that gives your hairstyle shape and stability. Unlike hair gel, the wax does not harden completely. That's why you create a comparatively gentle hold with hair wax. This gives you the opportunity to remodel your style at any time.

Wild styles or classy hairstyles: this is how you use hair wax

Hair wax can be easily worked into dry hair with your hands: To do this, first rub a small amount of the product between the palms of your hands. This makes the wax nice and supple and easy to distribute. Now it's time for the hair: For a casual look, knead the wax into the entire hair and then shape individual strands.

Noble pompadours are styled a little more carefully:

Run your hands through your hair from front to back and distribute the wax evenly from roots to ends. For a smooth finish, blow dry the top hair in the direction you want using a brush. Of course, other hairstyles can also be created with hair wax, small accents or just a few protruding hairs can be tamed.

Order hair gel online

With our salon exclusive Total Control Gel, we have created the perfect all-rounder for your styling. You can also discover our large selection of professional hair care products: Hair care sets for your daily hair care routine, shampoo, conditioner and many other products that can be delivered to your doorstep.

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