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    Daily Routine Shampoo
    Gentle & vitalising | All hair types
    Rosemary extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Color Protect Shampoo
    Colour protection | UV protection
    Aloe vera extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Deep Cleansing Shampoo
    Intensive cleaning | Volume support
    Grape seed extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    True Blonde Silver Shampoo Type #1
    For cool blonde nuances | Neutralises orange cast
    Indigo flower extracts
    As low as €13.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    True Blonde Silver Shampoo Type #2
    For all blonde shades | Neutralises yellow cast
    Grape seed oil
    As low as €13.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Gentle Care Shampoo
    Mild hair care | Extra soft hair feel
    Almond milk
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Gorgeous Volume Shampoo
    Volume care | Elasticity & Tautness
    Saffron extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Deluxe Dry Shampoo
    Ultrafine dry shampoo | Volume & Fullness
    Fresh scent
    250 ml
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping
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Lively, supple and fresh: after washing your hair just feels and looks great - provided you use a shampoo that suits your hair and cares for it gently. Whether for blonde or brown, straight or curly hair, with dry tips or greasy roots: there is the right shampoo for every hair type. Discover the world of our exclusive and highly effective shampoos.

What you need to know about shampoo and beautiful hair!

Hairstyling already starts in the shower! When we wash our hair, we lay the foundation for our hairstyle and the health of our hair. This is why choosing the right hair shampoo is so important. Special ingredients such as natural oils, high-quality vitamins or pure color pigments help to get the most out of your styling.

This is why a good shampoo is so important:

Shampoo has the task to remove dirt, product residue and grease from the hair. For this purpose it's more effective than shower gel for example. Shower gel is very gentle so it does not irritate our skin. If you would decide to only use shower gel to wash your hair you would therefore risk that your hair does not get properly clean from root to tip. This could result in a greasy look and an irritated, itchy scalp.

Find the right shampoo for your hair type:

Straight hair:

Shampoos for this hair type rely on a light formula that makes the hair as smooth as possible without weighing it down. Split ends are particularly visible on straight hair. The rosemary extact takes care of this concern.

Curly hair:

Curly hair tends to quickly become dry, which in turn affects the elasticity and resilience of your curls. This is why hair shampoos for curly hair often contain ingredients such as aloe vera or almond milk.

Colour-treated hair:

Coloring is always a burden for your hair - that's why shampoo for colored hair uses ingredients and special technologies that care for dry ends and preserve the hair color at the same time.

Oily hair:

In general, sebum on our scalp is a good thing because it supplies the hair with moisture and makes it shiny. However, excessive sebum production can lead to stringy, greasy-looking hair. Hair shampoo with grape seed extract can provide relief as well as a quick hair care treatment in between washes.

Dry hair:

In contrast to greasy hair, the glands of the scalp produce not enough sebum. Therefore, shampoo for dry hair is very rich and often cares for the scalp. Ingredients such as saffron or aloe vera soothe irritated skin and supply the hair with moisture.

How to protect your hair while washing:

Gently comb your hair before washing it to reduce hair breakage. In addition, you already remove a large amount of styling products.

A small amount of shampoo is sufficient for medium long hair. Apply the shampoo evenly from the roots to the tips and rinse it off immediately.

Don't wash your hair too hot. Hot water dries out skin and hair and stimulates the sebum glands so that the hair quickly becomes greasy again.

Rinse your hair with cold water. The cold water causes the top cuticle to close - your hair looks immediately healthier and shinier.

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