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Say goodbye to brittle hair and look forward to new vitality and resistance. Hair masks & treatments repair damaged hair thanks to their composition of highly concentrated proteins, vitamins and much more.

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    Deep Treatment Masque
    Rich hair mask | Intensive hair build up
    Shea butter
    As low as €31.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Mild Care Masque
    Gentle care | Soothes & repairs
    Lavender extracts
    As low as €31.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Excellent Volume Masque
    More volume | Fullness & grip
    Cassava root
    As low as €31.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Flawless Repair Treatment
    Deeply effective hair build-up | Moisturising
    Soy protein
    As low as €14.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    All About Smooth Treatment
    Extraordinary suppleness | Anti-frizz effect
    Kiwi extracts
    As low as €14.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Luxe Treatment Oil
    Rich & featherlight | Luxurious sheen
    Argan oil
    As low as €23.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Intense Repair Boost
    Instant repair | Botox effect
    For maximum hair health
    75 ml
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping
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7 Items

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Nourishing hair treatments and hair masks for healthy hair

Give your hair the full package of care! Damaged hair is the result of an intact and often roughened cuticle. Hair develops split ends, especially in the lengths and ends. Hair treatments can counteract this. They penetrate the hair through the broken cuticle and thus develop their effect from within. To repair hair, they are fortified with fortifying vitamins and proteins, which are responsible for healthy hair growth. The proteins are released into the hair structure to repair internal and external damage. The hair regains its bounce, resilience and healthy shine.

Another advantage: After the treatment, the hair feels much softer and is easier to comb. Compared to a NEWSHA conditioner, the ingredients of hair masks are highly concentrated which maximizes the effect.

A hair mask for every hair type

Moisture and valuable fats for dry hair
Hair treatments for brittle and dull hair have intensely moisturising ingredients.
Natural active ingredients such as lavender, cassava or shea butter supply the hair with valuable fats, while aloe vera or kiwi extracts provide moisture. Well nourished and moisturised hair is resilient, powerful and healthy.

New balance for oily hair
Greasy hair is often the result of a dry scalp. Our sebaceous glands produce an excessive amount of sebum to compensate the dry scalp. Therefore a regime for oily hair absorbs fat and moisturises the scalp at the same time.

New strength and a fresh shine for colored hair
Hair treatments for colored hair have a strengthening and color-intensifying effect. They fend off yellow tones and refresh the color. Damaged hair is revitalized, strengthened and prepared for further coloring processes with the help of proteins and moisture. Need more care? Discover more care products for colored hair.

How to properly apply hair treatments

Firstly wash your hair with a shampoo to open the cuticle that surrounds each hair. This helps the treatment to deeply penetrate the hair from within and develop its effect as best as possible. Then towel-dry your hair or let it dry naturally for a while. This allows the hair to absorb the active ingredients better. Massage the product gently onto your hair and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse your hair briefly, apply the mask again and finally wash it off thoroughly.

Pampering your hair: order masks and treatments from NEWSHA

Deep hair care treatment at home: Take time for your hair and give it new strength, fresh vitality and an irresistible shine. Look forward to healthy hair and buy the Masques & Treatments at NEWSHA - conveniently online or in one of our partner salons.

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