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Whether it's shampoos for daily use and pampering the hair or conditioners for additional strengthening, you will find this and many other professional hair care products at NEWSHA.

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    Daily Routine Shampoo
    Gentle & vitalising | All hair types
    Rosemary extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Color Protect Shampoo
    Colour protection | UV protection
    Aloe vera extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Deep Cleansing Shampoo
    Intensive cleaning | Volume support
    Grape seed extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    True Blonde Silver Shampoo
    For cool blonde nuances | Neutralises orange cast
    Indigo flower extracts
    As low as €13.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    True Blonde Silver Shampoo Type #2
    For all blonde shades | Neutralises yellow cast
    Grape seed oil
    As low as €13.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Gentle Care Shampoo
    Mild hair care | Extra soft hair feel
    Almond milk
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Gorgeous Volume Shampoo
    Volume care | Elasticity & Tautness
    Saffron extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Deluxe Dry Shampoo
    Ultrafine dry shampoo | Volume & Fullness
    Fresh scent
    250 ml
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Daily Weightless Conditoner
    Creamy texture | Featherlight
    Jojoba seed extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Soft Cotton Conditioner
    Gentle Conditioner | Mild & creamy texture
    Cottonseed oil
    As low as €12.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping
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The right hair care products for my hair type

Fine, thick, straight or frizzy: every hair is different. NEWSHA has the right products for every hair type and its individual needs. While fine hair looks fuller and more vital thanks to volume shampoos, moisturising treatments give thick hair lightness and shine. Even straight hair can often handle an extra dose of volume, while curls look more defined and healthier with an oil and deep moisture treatment. Frizzy hair is very voluminous and prone to dehydration. Moisture, lipids and vitamins care for it and support the natural bounce. For dry or damaged hair, it is best to avoid hair care products with alcohol. Oily hair, on the other hand, benefits from the drying effect. Dry and damaged hair structure is best supplied with sufficient moisture, vitamins and nutrients. Hair care products that are enriched with proteins strengthen and repair damaged cuticle layers. Over-processed, oily hair is soothed by active ingredients such as chamomile or birch water.

Discover NEWSHA's hair care products

Shampoo is key
It is the main part of every hair wash: Shampoos remove sebum, dandruff, unpleasant odors, dirt and product build-up. Additional ingredients care for, strengthen and soothe the hair. Furthermore, shampoos give your hair a wonderful scent.

After the hair has been released from oil, dandruff & co., we recommend a conditioner as the second step of your hair care routine. The conditioner creates a protective layer around the slightly roughened cuticle. The nourishing ingredients strengthen the hair with moisture and oils. The result: supple and strong hair that is easy to detangle.

Intensive care for in between
Leave-in conditioner supply damaged hair with moisture, proteins and much more. Bonus: it's a no-rinse treatment.

Intensive care for damaged hair
Damaged and dry hair tends to split ends, breakage and looks limp and brittle. Rich hair masks and hair treatments from NEWSHA put an end to this. A combination of highly concentrated proteins and vitamins, nourishing oils and moisture helps the hair to regain its restistance, vitality and shine.

Hair oils and serums for strong and healthy hair
Thick, curly or frizzy hair has a roughened cuticle layer which leads to dehydration. The result: your hair becomes brittle and is prone to hair breakage. Hair oils can help you to deeply care for your hair from roots to tips with precious lipids, moisture and minerals and thus give your hair a fresh shine and new bounce.

Skin and Hair care
Our scalp is the breeding ground for our hair. With soothing, caring and refreshing ingredients, our hair care products nourish the scalp, provide it with intensive moisture and prevent excessive dandruff and sebum production. The hair can grow back healthy and strong.

Ready for the holidays: UV protection for your hair
Summer is around the corner and this means: Sun, heat & Co.
In order to protect your hair from UV rays we recommend to use a sun protection product. This will create a layer around the hair and protect it from dehydration, fading and damage.

Buy high quality hair care products - at NEWSHA

Hair deserves our undivided attention: The numerous hair care products from NEWSHA are adapted to every hair type, so that everyone can look forward to healthy, shiny and strong hair. Visit our online shop and discover professional shampoos, conditioners or hair treatments: Buy hair care products from NEWSHA that suit you.

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