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    Daily Routine Shampoo
    Gentle & vitalising | All hair types
    Rosemary extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Color Protect Shampoo
    Colour protection | UV protection
    Aloe vera extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Deep Cleansing Shampoo
    Intensive cleaning | Volume support
    Grape seed extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    True Blonde Silver Shampoo Type #1
    For cool blonde nuances | Neutralises orange cast
    Indigo flower extracts
    As low as €13.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    True Blonde Silver Shampoo Type #2
    For all blonde shades | Neutralises yellow cast
    Grape seed oil
    As low as €13.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Gentle Care Shampoo
    Mild hair care | Extra soft hair feel
    Almond milk
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Gorgeous Volume Shampoo
    Volume care | Elasticity & Tautness
    Saffron extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Deluxe Dry Shampoo
    Ultrafine dry shampoo | Volume & Fullness
    Fresh scent
    250 ml
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    Daily Weightless Conditioner
    Creamy texture | Featherlight
    Jojoba seed extracts
    As low as €12.50
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping

    High Performance Leave-In Conditioner
    Remains in the hair | Without rinsing
    Perfect combability
    As low as €7.00
    incl. tax., plus. Shipping
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Tips for washing your hair:

  • Less is more: Depending on the condition of your sclap and the lenghth of your hair it is sufficient to wash your hair every 2-4 days for a fresh look.
  • Comb hair before washing: The washing solidifies existing nodules, which are even more difficult to untangle afterwards.
  • Don't comb wet hair: The protective cuticle layer of the hair is particularly fragile when it is wet, so carefully detangle wet hair with your fingers or with a detangling comb.
  • Avoid using hot water while washing: lukewarm water is gentle on the hair surface and prevents dry hair. Finally, cold water stimulates your scalp's blood circulation and gives your hair a nice shine.

How do I wash my hair properly?

Step 1 - Shampoo
NEWSHA shampoos are probably the most used hair care product. Shampoos cleanse the hair by opening up the cuticle layer. In addition to cleansing ingredients, our shampoos contain additives that can have a strengthening effect, a color-retaining effect or can create more volume.

Step 2 - Conditioner
Conditioners create a smooth surface and help keep the hair hydrated. A positive side effect of a smooth hair structure: it better reflects light and is shinier.

Alternative to Step 2 - Intensive hair treatment
Intensive hair treatments such as hair masks are extremely beneficial for very damaged hair because of their nurturing ingredients. A hair treatment should only be applied 1-2 a week though.

Which hair care is suitable for which hair type?

Oily hair

Greasy hair is the result of overactive sebaceous glands, which are producing too much sebum. There can be many reasons for this, ranging from stress to hormonal changes.

Tips for oily hair:

  • Only use the highly effective NEWSHA shampoos for greasy hair. When rinsing, make sure to wash off the shampoo without leaving any residue. Washing daily is recommended.
  • Comb and brush as little as possible - this will prevent the sebum from being distributed over the entire hair. We recommend to brush your hair prior to washing.

Dry hair

Stubborn, brittle, dull - dry hair with a roughened surface is an indicator for damaged hair in early stages.

Tips for dry hair:

  • Avoid washing your hair every day - this will prevent your hair from dehydration.
  • Use shampoo for dry hair with moisturising ingredients.
  • Keratin and panthenoal are effective remedies to revitalise brittle hair.
  • Use conditioner for dry hair - this smoothes and protects the hair structure. - Apply a hair treatment 1-2 times a week.
  • Avoid high heat settings on blow-dryers and hair straighteners - best of all, let your hair dry naturally.
  • Use moitsurisung styling products - hair wax and hair oil seal the hair structure and keep the moisture inside the hair strands

Curly hair

The motto for curly hair: Deep nourishment! Due to its structure, curly hair does not lie flat on the scalp and is therefore only sparsely supplied with sebum.

Tips for curly hair:

  • Wash your hair rarely - twice a week is sufficient..
  • Use moisturising shampoos - aloe vera, almond milk or saffron extracts are suitable ingredients.
  • Let your hair dry naturally - the already heavily roughened cuticle makes curly hair even more susceptible to external stress factors, especially when it is wet.
  • Use leave-in treatments - they can be applied on wet or dry hair and create a protective layer around the hair without weighing it down.
  • Use a detangling comb instead of a brush.

Fine hair

Fine hair often lies flat on the scalp and can get greasy relatively quickly. Therefore, fine hair requires a special hair care regime.

Tips for fine hair:

  • Use shampoo for fine hair - our Gentle Care Shampoo is mild on the hair and scalp and creates more volume without weighing your hair down.
  • Reverse Hair Washing - simply apply a conditioner treatment before you shampoo. This prevents the build-up of residue that weighs hair down.
  • Blow-dry with a round brush - blow-dry your hair in different directions to create more volume.
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