NEWSHA - The Story

Gentle, exquisite fragrances. High-quality natural ingredients. An exclusive, carefully considered product range that focuses on the essentials. Meet NEWSHA! No one needs countless different shampoos and conditioners. During the brand’s development, we discovered the following: People nowadays want to get to know and love a brand. They want to do so wholeheartedly and thoroughly. They want an immediate wow effect, rather than having to wait for their hair to become healthier, smoother and more attractive. They want to know which natural active ingredients are responsible for these fantastic results – and why. Today’s customers have got their feet on the ground. They want to utilize and enjoy every minute because they know that time is the most important thing they have. As we developed this range of products, we thought things through carefully and set ourselves the goal of taking your hair care routine to the next level.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference when it comes to the quality of a product but sometimes it’s the big picture that’s of importance. With NEWSHA, it’s countless factors and details that have contributed to creating such unique products. The products’ high and effective nourishing effect does not only result from the precious and hand-picked ingredients, but also from its careful processing, as well as its sustainable design-packaging.

Mild shampoos that cleanse your hair gently, naturally and effectively. Treatments that can restore even damaged hair and turn it into a silky mane. Styling products for a glamorous or a casual look and a high-end hair color, that amazes by its diamond-like brilliancePerfect hair from root to tip – that’s NEWSHA!


NEWSHA – the story behind the brand

NEWSHA tells the story of pride and ideals; it’s the story of a small, closely-knit circle’s secret treasure, of a private dream shared worldwide by numerous hair specialist. In 2010, an international group of hairdressers came together as friends to launch their first small and privately produced productions series of their high end professional products. At first, they kept those products to themselves; they were only used by the hairdressers themselves or by their close friends. But these products turned out to be first-class – products, that combine high quality and exclusivity. For months, these nameless pots and bottles were flown around the world by this close-knit circle, serving as the hairdressers’ secret companion when in action. At first, it seemed like a dream that these stylists had realised together for themselves. In fact, though, they had created a true gem: products with precious natural ingredients that had been developed by professional hair specialists and their gained experiences and demands. From then on, these idealists developed a sophisticated and polished product collection, while constantly having in mind their belief in both the quality and the best possible performance of each product – from shampoo to oil – without making compromises. Pure luxury for your hair.

The private production of the collection in small quantities was very time-consuming and costly, but its excitement grew steadily and attracted the attention of other haircare experts who “absolutely wanted a small selection”. So there was only one topic left at a meeting in summer 2011: Can we perhaps make our collection available to our friends and many other passionate hairdressers? Did we develop something very special at the right time? Can such a demanding series also be produced in larger quantities? The idea became more and more specific and the treasure in 17 jars got a name: NEWSHA - a new kind of luxury, exclusively for selected hairdressers and their demanding customers!

NEWSHA would usher in a new era in hair culture. The team of hair specialists agreed: nothing is foregone in professional production. “We believe in the roots”, the belief in the origin, is their trend-setting tendency towards success. Luxurious treasures from nature that meet all the requirements of professionals and stand for uncompromisingly well-groomed, healthy hair. All hair care and styling products in the collection were created on the basis of these requirements from the start.

The decision was made: to make the "private haircare" accessible to all hair lovers who value the highest quality and valuable nature-based ingredients above everything else.

NEWSHA stands for ideals, uncompromisingness and pride, as well as quality and exclusivity - a special brand for special customers.