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NEWSHA HIGH CLASS Supreme Thickening Spray

Caring volume spray for visibly strong and full hair with precious orchid extract.

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Strong partner for strong hair

The NEWSHA CLASSIC Supreme Thickening Spray is the guarantee for voluminous hair. The exquisite extracts of the tropical orchid have a particularly nourishing and restorative effect. Fine and thin hair gains strength, elasticity and density. The spray texture makes it easy to distribute the product evenly and thus ensures an all-round uniform volume with a natural hair feeling - ideal for giving extravagant volume styles the necessary expression.

The valuable proteins and antioxidants, which are obtained directly from the orchid root, have a positive effect on our cells. The jelly-like extract in hair cosmetics provides extraordinary moisture and protects the hair from dehydration. At the same time, it increases the strength, elasticity and density of the hair, giving it irresistible volume.

- Care and styling product in one
- The special volume boost for fine and thin hair
- Antistatic effect prevents flyaways
- Visibly more volume
- Precious orchid extract strengthens hair
- Natural hair feeling without weighing it down

After shampooing, spray onto towel-dried hair and distribute evenly in lengths and tips with a brush. Then blow dry your hair using a round brush. Style as usual.

The orchid is known as a miracle cure in the cosmetics industry. The precious proteins and antioxidants supply skin and hair with moisture. The structure of the hair is strengthened and the elasticity of the hair is increased, particularly through the cell-regenerating and regenerative properties, resulting in a full and dense overall appearance.

For breathtaking volume, spray the product into towel-dried hair and partially onto the roots.

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