NEWSHA CLASSIC No More Frizz Cream

Moisturizing anti frizz cream with fruity mango butter.

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Soothing care cream

The NEWSHA CLASSIC No More Frizz Cream keeps its promises! You dream of a perfect hair style without annoying flyaways? Simply apply the Anti Frizz Cream to your hair as a finish - et voila: your look shines in a supple, smooth style. In order to protect your hair structure from frizz even in high humidity or drizzle, the anti frizz cream can also be worked into the hair as protection.

Mango butter is an ideal moisturizer for your hair thanks to valuable saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Numerous vitamins contained have a regenerating and calming effect, so that both the scalp is cared for and the hair structure is completely regenerated. The result is healthy, shiny hair and a fresh, fruity fragrance.

- Perfect finish product with anti-frizz effect
- Bundles hair without weighing it down
- Soothes and regenerates the hair structure
- Gives shine and suppleness

Put a small amount of the cream in the palms of your hands. Then work into dry hair - for a structured, supple, shiny styling result.

The rich mango butter is in saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. These give mango butter its regenerating and moisturizing properties. In combination with important minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron as well as vitamins A, C, D and E, mango butter is the ideal partner for revitalizing dry hair. Thanks to the creamy texture, the valuable ingredients quickly and deeply penetrate the hair and ensure extraordinary suppleness and shine.

Mix with the Luxe Treatment Oil for even more shine.

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Wer kennt das Problem nicht, der Mädelsabend oder das Date steht vor der Tür und die Haare stehen in alle Himmelsrichtungen ab. Wir zeigen euch heute ein paar schnelle Tipps, wie ihr die abstehenden Haare ohne großen Aufwand in einen perfekten Style verwandelt und euren Look in Sekunden rettet.