NEWSHA Flexible Vent Brush Large

Gentle detangling and blow-drying - all in one

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The NEWSHA FLEXIBLE VENT BRUSH has been specially designed for brushing and drying wet hair. Due to its elastic and ergonomic shape and the fine slits, wet hair is gently detangled and does not overheat. Blow drying time is reduced and hair structure protected.

Detangle towel-dried hair with the FLEXIBLE VENT BRUSH. Then comb through from roots to tips while the blow dryer follows the brush. Finally, comb through dry hair with the DELUXE PADDLE BRUSH to distribute natural oils from the scalp to the tips - it gives extra shine.

The FLEXIBLE VENT BRUSH is made of high-quality plastic. The bristles sit on the brush head, which is perforated with air-permeable slits - this makes them suitable for efficient blow-drying. The large slits ensure perfect air circulation and avoid overheating of the brush and thus protect the hair.

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