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Haarfarbe, Color by Newsha, Newsha Haarfarbe
Haarfarbe, Color by Newsha, Newsha Haarfarbe


Pure color molecule: The higher the purity of a color pigment, the more valuable and radiant the effect. Especially pigments of the highest purity are so important and of high quality because of their rarity.

Comparable to the purity level IF (Internally Flawless) in cut diamonds, the "pureness" of the color molecule is of utmost importance to us. The reflection of light in the pure pigment creates brilliant effects in the hair and realizes an unsurpassable color result. color by NEWSHA is characterized in particular by the vivid and intensive radiance of all 114 shades. Perfect for all who expect maximum care and facet-richness, and above all diamond-like shine from a professional hair color.

Sometimes it's subtleties that make up the quality of a product and sometimes it's the big picture that matters. At NEWSHA it is numerous factors and details that make hair color so unique. Developed from close cooperation with international color experts and trend-conscious stylists, our high-end color realizes every inspiration as well as every customer wish.