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NEWSHA PURE Soft Cotton Conditioner

This creamy hair conditioner makes hair silky smooth and tangle-free - with cotton extracts

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Your gentle conditioner with mild and protective cotton extracts

The NEWSHA PURE Soft Cotton Conditioner is a particularly gentle product with soft cotton extracts. It is irreplaceable in hair repair, guarantees moisture and softness. The mild formulation without parabens and silicones regenerates damaged hair and shields hair from various harmful influences.

Cottonseed oil is the source of unsaturated fatty acids and contains most omega-6 fatty acids. It makes the oil an ideal for dehydrated, damaged or colour-treated hair and irritated scalps.
The moisturising properties have a calming effect on the scalp and prevent brittleness and breakage. The mild formulation is known as the vitamin of youth.

• Gentle conditioner for sensitive skin
• Mild, creamy texture
• Intensive care to strengthen the hair from within
• Moisturising properties
• For extraordinary supple hair
• More elasticity - less hair breakage
• Easy detangling

After washing apply a small amount of conditioner through your hair. Focus on lenghts and ends. Leave in for 2 minutes and rinse well.

Cottonseed oil contains most omega-6 fatty acids. It makes the oil an ideal for colour-treated, damaged, bleached, high porosity and dehydrated hair. Cotton extracts are ideal for healthy hair and a balanced scalp, they provide moisture and increase hair's elasticity.

Perfect care of blonde hair.

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